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Our Mission

We aim to provide the best and most effective service to all our customers.  Our mission is to make sure that whatever your needs Abbey Electronics is there to listen and help.  If we can’t, we will do our very best to help you find someone who can.

About Us

Abbey Electronics was established in 1990 and very quickly established a reputation as a one-stop base for providing solutions to all sorts of electronic control requirements.

Abbey Electronics are a global and forward looking company.  Our specialty is design and support for the OEM clients in various fields of industrial application of electronics.

If we can not find a ready solution in our wide range of existing products we set about to design one.  There is no charge in most cases for designing a solution except in cases of very low product volumes.

Naturally, manufacturing is an essential part of our activities.

If you have a problem and a solution is a must you can trust Abbey Electronics to provide a solution – one way or another.

Thank you for visiting our website. You are invited to leave us a message or tell us about your need or perhaps just express your views about yourself, your company or our products.

We value your comments please tell us about yourself or your needs.